What is a Fiduciary?

The Fiduciary Standard

Did you know that different advisors are held to different standards? Only advisors who hold the title Investment Advisor Representatives have a legal, fiduciary responsibility to act in their clients best interests. Other advisors are held to a different standard known as the “suitability” standard, meaning that as long as they do what is deemed “suitable,” they are fully within their legal rights to act in their best interest and their company’s best interest before those of their clients.

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The Right RIA Firm


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We believe that working with the right RIA Firm is instrumental in our integration of all risk categories to satisfy each client’s needs. To achieve this goal, Miles Babcock registered with and works closely with Horter Investment Management, out of Cincinnati, Ohio. Drew Horter, the Founder and Chief Investment Strategist of HIM, has over 32 years of investment management experience.

Integrity Wealth Management & Insurance Services, LLC focuses primarily on both the fixed asset category, as well as low risk and low volatility private wealth managers. These private wealth managers can have the ability to attain equity like rates of return without the risk generally associated with the stock market.

When appropriate for the client, we also work with private wealth managers who have expertise in the area of high risk management. These fund managers oversee investments that are designed to be opportunistic in good times and defensive in bad.

Our third party custodians are Trust Company of America, TD Ameritrade and Jefferson National Life Insurance Company.